Final class this Thursday

Thank you everyone for a really great course.   Your interest in the materials and your engagement in our classroom discussions made this an outstanding class.  I will miss our Thursday meetings!

If you did the midterm extra credit assignment, please bring this to our final class Thursday.  I will not accept the extra credit assignment after this point.  The final exam is due on Wednesday, December 23rd at 3pm.  I will likely arrive at the CWE right at 3pm and will not return until sometime in January.  Please make sure you hand in your exam on time.  If you have a question about the exam, post your question to our website as an announcement so that your classmates can benefit from hearing your question and my response.

Finally, last week someone suggested that we bring in cookies this Thursday to celebrate.  I welcome this suggestion.  I plan to do so as well.

See you Thursday,



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