The realms Taylor speaks of

The realms that Taylor speaks of factual statements that there’s no real creativity in people in the world anymore. Everyone thinks that their good at something so they put it out there for us to witness or hear. There’s no significance behind the projects that most people do today. For example, artists (back in the day), music and art had a meaning to it. A person who consider themselves as an artist would really think about what they would want their fans to see or hear. Something so special where as you see or hear it, you could say yes I feel the emotions or the sentimental value behind this work of art. As for artist now a days, they don’t think before they put their work out for their fans. They come up with ideas that do not have any meaning behind them. We as humans gravitate towards these ideas, not realizing that there’s no creativity in their work. They also produce, and we like it because someone else also considered liking it. We basically jump on the band wagon.

This concept goes for teachers, activist and others who think they are doing the public good. There’s no creativeness behind anything we as humans do anymore. It’s just a handful of us that still use the little bit of creativeness that we have inside. We don’t think for ourselves. It’s like our minds are program to just follow what everyone else is doing. We do not have the capability to break free from the control that our minds are in to just think about what it is that we really want to do.

Before the common core came about, teachers were able to be creative with their lesson plans and their classrooms. Every teacher had their own way and concept of making their students understand the curriculum that they were doing. Now that the common core is out, both the teachers and the students are having a harder time understanding the curriculum. Teachers are no longer able to use creativity they once had because they have to stick to this new system, which doesn’t allow them to use their minds.


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