Assignment 01

Hi my name is Mahwish Khalid. Our group reading in class this week was Excerpt from Trebor Scholz’s Digital Labor. In our group the girls and I agreed to the conclusion that we came up with is, that we are the workers who help make Facebook millions of dollars for free by collecting our data. Millions of people around the world use Facebook to connect to family and friends, and also for entertainment. Regardless, how private we make our profiles, sharing and tagging, it’s all open to Facebook and they have all the right to sell our data to the third party, it has to be in the agreement that we click ‘agree’ to without reading the entire agreement.

Facebook keeps track of our sharing, liking, status updates, pictures, check ins, and etc. and makes profit by selling it to the third party, that’s why things, places and compiles we like don’t magically appear on the pages we visit on our digital devices. Though, Facebook is free and for leisure, but we end up advertising for companies and products for free and Facebook makes tons of money from it. We are free workers of Facebook and we do it knowingly.




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  1. Yesenia Williams says:

    I completely agree with you. We use FB as a friendly site with the intention to remain close and connected. Many people don’t think about the affects it holds and how they may be exploited. It’s hard to remove all data once placed on the internet.

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