Hi everyone,

Welcome to Digital Media and Society. This class is an exploration of the connection of digital media to various social and institutional changes that have altered the nature of government, education, health, the news, and labor today.

A little bit about me:  I received my PhD in Sociology from the CUNY Graduate Center in May 2015.  My work addresses the influence of technology on the way social problems are conceptualized in the social sciences.  I study the history of information in connection to digital information technology.  When we study the connection of digital media to the way social problems are conceptualized, we begin to see how our behavior is changing. I am interested in exploring the implications of this shift.

Open whatever e-mail account you prefer to use to conduct class business.  In an e-mail addressed to me (@ ebullock@ccny.cuny.edu), please take a few moments to write down the username you would like to be associated with our course website as well as your first and last name.  Now spend a few minutes writing something about yourself and your relationship to digital media. In addition to telling us how you use the Internet (i.e., for shopping, news, to keep in touch with family) you can reflect on where and when you access the Internet or if there are times and places when you restrict your access.






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