Homework Market Me – Moscow decided – as he put it – “synchronized number of employees of diplomatic missions”; Russia has in the United States, about 450, and so “is simply a mathematical calculation.” The American side – as he explained Peskov – alone decide who specifically will reduce its staff.

In the same direction PSL wants to go to the example of Germany to pay social security contributions were voluntary. “Our proposed solution is a chance that more people will decide to conduct business activity, which will increase the budget revenues from taxes, and increase the amount of money in the health system,” – writes in his PSL program. He warns, however, that the resignation has consequences associated with nieopłacaniem premiums. In its message on the lower ZUS groups emphasize the current benefits. They do not show the consequences in the future. – The full truth as such, that as you lower the social insurance contribution, in the future you will lower retirement. Nobody neither the right nor the left does not tell the whole truth. If, as the Prime Minister provides, we have a strong state, then it should also be fair and warn against long-term effects of changes – says Leszek Juchniewicz of Employers of Poland. As next year it will look like pension system in Poland? / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js .id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, “VT-SDK”) ); / ** / According to the BBC, visit the group consisting largely of right-wing MEPs sparked outrage local politicians, because they are not even allowed to enter Kashmir administered by India. MEPs representation was the first international delegation, which visited the region since August. At that time, India have deprived the state of autonomy, dividing it into two territories governed federally and cutting off access to them. “It was a private rather than official visit of some MEPs. This means that there was a trip of the European Parliament, or – more generally – the EU. MEPs participate in it individually, and expressed their opinions are only their opinions,” – he said on Thursday a press conference in Brussels, a spokeswoman for the European External Action Service May Kocijanczicz.Eurodeputowany Ryszard Czarnecki, who was one of six PiS politicians took part in the delegation, stressed in an interview with PAP that the visit can not be determined as tours, as did some of the media. “Outrageous it is the determination of this visit as a trip, when that day when we were in Kashmir, six people were killed in a terrorist attack, and the day before our arrival there were two attacks, “- noted policies. In his opinion, “should appreciate those who, ignoring the terrorist threat in the region, made an attempt to see how the situation looks out of place” .As noted in the group that went to India, were representatives from six political groups from nine countries EuropeanParliament . “In the delegation were representatives of all major political groups of the European People’s Party in the lead, which was three MEPs. There were also representatives of socialists and liberals” – noted Czarnecki.Jak reported the BBC, initially delegation consisted of 27 people, including politicians from the UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Polish. Four of them have decided not to visit Kashmir and returned to their krajów.Z Polish, outside Czarnecki, as reported by “Gazeta Wyborcza”, they took part in the trip: Kosma Złotowski, former Minister of family, work and social policy Rafalska Elizabeth, former Deputy Minister of Energy Grzegorz Tobiszowski, government spokeswoman Joanna was Kopcińska and Bogdan Rzońca. The BBC reported that more than one-third of the entire delegation came from the far-right parties in Europe, which are considered anti-Muslim. Among them were six deputies from the French National Unity and two of Alternatives for Germany (AFD) is .Doprowadziło to criticism from Indian opposition parties, including the Muslim leaders Asaduddina Owaisi, who questioned the sense of sending – as he called it – “openly fascist” MEPs the European regionu.Parlament stressed that MEPs did not represent Parliament on the spot. “Politicians, whose presence in Kashmir recorded media, which include, among other MEPs, are not members of the official delegation of the European Parliament and in no way express the position of the institution nor does it represent” – sent on Thursday in a statement the press service of the EP. ” since the beginning of this visit was intended as a visit of MEPs, and not as an official delegation “- Czarnecki said, stressing that a strong Polish delegation went there two months after the visit of Indian foreign Minister in Warsaw. Foreign Minister of the country was on a visit to Poland for the first time in 32 lat.Jak reported the BBC, the group was accommodated in a luxury hotel on Lake Dal – one of the main tourist attractions of Kashmir – was under strong protection. GDKKiA added that works on national roads 7 vehicles for winter maintenance. Difficulties exist in the form of mist in the province of Lower Silesia and the. Snowfall in turn make it difficult for drivers to drive in the province. Lesser. Drizzle or rain occur throughout the country except province. Warmia-Mazury and podlaskiego.zobacz also GDDKiA: All roads passable, but in almost the whole country falls »GDDKiA provides that the night will be mostly cloudy large, locally higher are possible Rain. Periods of rain may fall, and in the foothill towns as sleet, and in the mountains – snow. The Northeast occur fog limiting visibility to 400 m. GDDKiA envisages that the minimum temperature can vary from 1 degree to 5 degrees east to west, Podhalu -1 degree. The east wind will be weak in the west moderate, periods fairly strong and gusty, on the west coast gusting to 60 km / h, with western direction. The accused in this case Martin Skubiszewski (allows for the disclosure of personal information) made during the last court session (31 October) a request for exemption from conducting the trial judge Thomas Uściłko. He said the Skubiszewski, there is nothing against a judge, but – according to him – there was a judge during the drawing irregularities. The point is that the draw was excluded from one of the judges, which is a spokesperson Suwalki court. According Skubiszewski, someone sought to ensure that the matter kept the “suitable” sędzia.Sąd District in Suwalki, excluding the judge to draw Martin Walczuk, found that the judge due to its press statement on this matter can not participate in the draw. Following the request of the accused judge Thomas Uściłko postponed start in October procesu.Jak said on Thursday PAP spokesman Suwalki court judge Martin Walczuk District Court in Suwalki on the application held that the draw was conducted properly. In turn, the presiding judge may take place in case of bias, but not because of the course of the draw. The new start date of the appeal was set for 30 listopada.Obrońcy accused filed an appeal in this matter after the District Court in Suwalki, he found the accused guilty in May, but refrained from imposing the punishment. The defenders want to complete acquittal of the accused. The process refers to the events of the last day of the ongoing election campaign for the Senate in part of the region of Podlasie. Anna Maria Anders, who applied for the mandate (and eventually won it) participated in the opening of the exhibition “The army condemned” in the State Archive in Suwalki, dedicated to her father. The opening was also attended by, among others, then head of the Ministry of Interior and Deputy Minister of Law and Justice deputy Jaroslaw Zieliński.Otwarcie exposure disrupted a group of people protesting against the conduct of the election campaign in such a place. He was part of the Committee for the Defense of Democracies stamps (CODE). There has been a verbal skirmishes. A few months after the incident the police put five people to allegations of violations of the Code, relating to the infringement of the place of publicznym.W first trial before the district court acquittal, but which was completely abolished by the district court. In repeating the process in the first instance, all five accused was again acquitted, but the court of appeal – recognizing the appeal of the police – against two judgments upheld, and to three again overturned and handed back to the District Court in Suwalki. Kantar survey conducted on 9-14 August 2019. As reported, due to the date of the study in question has not yet been taken into account from the start lists of candidates kukiz’15 PSL Polish Coalition. According to a survey on Law and Justice, along with the joint and several Polish Agreement and would vote 38 percent. respondents who declared their participation in the elections to the Civic Coalition Sejmu.Na created by PO, Modern, Poland Initiative Party and the Greens vote would give 26 percent. respondentów.Na left-wing parties – the SLD, Total and Spring, which will compete with candidates lists KW SLD – 10 percent would vote. ankietowanych.6 percent. kukiz’15 would choose, and 5 percent. PSL Coalition Polską.Na Confederation of Freedom and Independence (lots of Corvinus and the National Movement and the environment Gregory Braun) would vote proc.12 3 percent. of those respondents who declared their participation in the elections it said that it is difficult for them to say who would give głos.Chęć participate in elections to the Sejm declared a total of 63 percent. respondents – definitely going to participate in the elections 27 per cent., or rather would take part in them 36 percent. Karczewski was asked in a radio Signals Day when the PiS will announce who will be the party’s candidate in the elections for Mayor of Warsaw. – The authorities of the party will decide in the near future is a matter of the next few weeks – said the Speaker of the Senate. Inquired whether the Law and Justice is considered a solution, in which he will be the party candidate for mayor of Warsaw, and the current Deputy Minister of Justice Patrick Which vice presidential candidate, Karczewski said: – Such an option was and is also taken into uwagę.zobacz: Trzaskowski: This is not about the monument itself. It’s about style »Catherine Lubnauer has an can you do my assignment for me idea. Someone else should join the duo Trzaskowski-Rabiej »- work, each of us is doing its job. I see how hard working What Patrick, I work in the Senate – said Karczewski. The State Electoral Commission announced in late January that this year’s local elections can be held in one of three Sundays: October 21, 28 of October or November 4th. Into action immediately joined the Airport Fire Brigade. The fire quickly extinguished and mastered. During the action, no one hurt – they provided the services of the airport. In connection with the extinguishing action, approx. 30 min. Flight operations were suspended. As stressed service, it could cause minor delays for both takeoffs and landings. Office “Okecie” ensured by the fact that “all operations at Chopin Airport have been taking place without interruption, however, due to today’s action all day long delays are possible.” During a speech at the annual meeting of the Sandringham Women’s Institute, the queen called for moderation and mutual respect in the public debate and relationships. “When looking for new answers to questions about the present, I prefer the tried and tested rules as speaking well about each other and respecting different points of view; at the same time in search of common elements and not losing never out of sight of larger issues. Such an approach is for me a timeless and I recommend it to all “- said the monarchini.zobacz: Will fall down the foundations of peace. Northern Ireland brexit marks the return of the old demons “As head of state, Queen Elizabeth II does not comment publicly on political issues, but sometimes in the past signaled its opinion in speeches addressed to other audiences. Just before the referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, said one of his well-wishers subjects that “he hopes that people will think very carefully about the future”, which was interpreted as a clear signal calling Scots to vote in favor of staying in the United Kingdom. British media have asked Friday note that its appearance in the Women’s Institute was delivered on barely 64 days before the planned output of the UK from the European Union and a few days before wtorkowymi the votes in the House of Commons on further plan for negotiations with Brussels after the MPs rejected a proposal developed by the government with the agreement output Wspólnoty.zobacz also Brexit no agreement is possible “Official” Times “reminds that earlier similar words were in the Christmas-New Year’s message the queen, when she said that” even in the deepest differences, treatment the other person with respect worthy of another human being is always a good first step on the road to a better mutual understanding. ” In turn, the BBC estimates that “there is no doubt that the Queen wanted to send a signal” to split the nation brexitu. “It is impossible for the head of state has used such a design awareness without words, it will be seen as a reference to the current political debate” – underlined. British House of Commons voted on January 15 by the government against the proposed agreement Theresa May, UK exit from the EU. If there is no majority for this document or any alternative solutions, under the procedure described in Article exit. 50 of the Treaty on European Union, United Kingdom automatically leave the Community without a contract at midnight from 29 to 30 March. Among the possible scenarios out of the impasse they are m.in .: repeat vote in the House of Commons after the receipt of further political assurances from the EU, the extension of the procedure starting from the Community under Article. 50 of the Treaty, the output of the EU without a contract, organization, or to hold a second referendum on early parliamentary elections in the UK. It will and diplomats and technical staff. It is not only diplomats – in Russia there is no such number of American diplomats, as well as people who do not have diplomatic status, as well as adopted (to work) on site, it is the citizens of the Russian Federation who work there – said Peskov. President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said that the current total number of staff of US institutions in Russia is about 1,200 people. Moscow decided – as he put it – “synchronized number of employees of diplomatic missions”; Russia has in the United States, about 450, and so “is simply a mathematical calculation.” The American side – as he explained Peskov – alone decide who specifically will reduce its staff. Also he assessed that the employees of American institutions provided enough time to leave Russia. Deadline to 1 September. Kremlin spokesman also said that the normalization of relations between Russia and the United States depends on the political will. “Out of this situation lies in the current manifestation of the political will to regulate relations in the process of rehabilitation of sharpened political schizophrenia” – he said.


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