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It seems to me that in order to be Comprehensive Designer the entity would not only be have to be neither nor, but also that she would also have to have some sort of power derived from the very existence of the universe he oversees.  The social implications that are merged with this idea of governance via technology which applied at the time postulated that the rigors of performing life’s tasks under the technocaracy breaks down the psyche of the bureaucrat is a bold statement.  I think here it means that bureaucracy creates so much of a burden of labor, paperwork, policies and procedures that too much focus is lost by the bureaucrat on what is supposed to be the point of his office:  the oversite of “States and industries.”  It also bemoans the fact that most of the resources created by advances in technology and research should not be earmarked for military purposes.

The comprehensive designer favored collaboration to the end that data and research and ideas all be combined towards a goal without any “heircharies”, or government interference.  It also calls for balance.  This notion of balance would have to be different from traditional notions of balance in a system because of the absence of hierarchy.   In a hierarchy, all needs are assessed from the top down which inherently causes imbalance as there is no flexibility to assess needs fairly cases where needs originate at lesser points.  At odds here in my mind is the question of where this designer will get his powers of self sufficientcy.  By whose authority would his notions of balance be measured.

Fuller was an inspiration to Brand as their thoughts were similar regarding using technology for social change.  Like the Native American culture of which Brand was so fond, they believed that balance should be applied in all things and that through networking the resources to achieve balance lie.  They both wanted to use technology and art to help people and connect them through shared ideas.   He believed that it is only through the expression of ideas that people could experience shared consciousness.   The governmental system he felt is divisive to this process.



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